Programme Information

This Masters programme has been developed by the School of Art, Design and Printing in collaboration with the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM) which delivers a structured Doctoral programme. Key features of this approach are the integrated delivery of Masters and Doctoral research methods as well as a special series of lectures providing a survey of key ideas in the study of contemporary cultural practice. This is a one full calendar year programme.
(1) Programme aims
The overall aim of this programme is to develop a systematic understanding of knowledge that is critically informed by research and practice at the forefront of learning within the specialised field of art, design or critical theory. Working in an interdisciplinary community of practice, participants are actively encouraged to expand and develop their intellectual foundation and creative processes as part of their integrated programme of study.
The aims of the programme are to:

1. Provide an integrated programme of work that is both practice- and theory-based within a specialist 
field of study in art, design or critical theory;

2. Provide participants with a level of knowledge and skills competencies that enable them to function at an 
advanced professional level within their chosen career path;

3. Enable participants to undertake a body of research that provides new and meaningful insights to current 
issues within their chosen discipline.

(2) Learning Outcomes
Participants are expected to develop a propensity for self-directed and reflexive learning with the ability to locate their chosen field of research within a wider industry or social context. Research principles underpin all learning activities used to formulate and synthesise meaningful insights through a self-directed research project. Skills in critical analysis and reflective evaluation are also cultivated to enable participants to perform in ambiguous contexts and navigate meaningful solutions to problems identified.

For further information about the programme or application procedure contact Programme Chair Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick or the School Office.